Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Tutoring a Parent should know 


Tutoring is one way to make sure students can keep up with their schoolwork. For students that cannot afford private lessons in person, online tutors have been around for a long time. Online tutoring is often a less expensive option for both the student and the tutor; however, it comes with some disadvantages. 

Online tutoring is an option for students who need extra help in a particular subject, with the knowledge that their instructor is at their convenience, providing feedback and support. This can also be done with a group of students or for an entire course. If you are searching for answers to the toughest questions, you can go for online tutoring. 


– Tutoring can be done from anywhere; you do not need to commute to the school, only schedule it around your work schedule.

– Tutors can be certified and experienced; therefore, you can trust what they are providing.

– You will have full control of your learning process.

– You will have access to extra material and review questions and answers of your course.

– Studying in groups is a great way to learn and network with colleagues.


You cannot interact with your teacher as much as you would like to, and you will not get any personal feedback or advice on how to improve your learning process.

– You will not have a personal learning plan.

– You will not be able to ask your teacher anything regarding the course and receive personalized feedback.

– You will not get any help from your teachers if you are not doing well or need more help. 

Classes at a school provide a more personalized experience.  You have access to the teacher when you can talk to them. Both disadvantages and advantages apply to this option. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to set an example of good parenting and opt for online coaching. 

On the other hand, online tutoring provides an opportunity for students who cannot make it to class or do not have time to commute, but it does not give you the same experience as taking classes face-to-face.